Seo Marketing 101: Basic Things to Know for Business Startups

Starting a new business is an exciting time for your team. You’re all eager to release what you have to offer into the marketplace and keep it there. But before anything, you need a stable and strategic marketing plan to slowly tease and introduce your product or services to your consumers. Businesses new and old know the power and efficiency of the internet, so marketing your company online is a must. Search engine optimization or SEO is one way to do just that and seo marketing NYC is here to help you understand what SEO is, how it can be helpful to your company, and how to do it.

What is SEO?

SEO is a technical and marketing strategy that aims to top search engine results through website optimization. An example is a google– by far the most used search engine around the globe– it gives thousands of search results in just a click, but most times users only look at the top results in the first page. Your website is on that first page is the goal of SEO. It involves understanding how search engines work, what people search for on these engines, and why they search for it. What is trendy online, how a search engine works and producing quality content are the three most important things to remember to create a competitive SEO plan?

Why is SEO Important to My Startup?

Nowadays, users and consumers search online to find the information needed to finish essential tasks, not only to know things.  They could search for a variety of things to do from how to cook a specific meal to where to eat tonight. For your product to reach and stay in the marketplace, you should understand how to utilize where the market is, and that is online. SEO helps you with this since it aims to put you up top where consumers could find you through search engines. More clicks on your results mean more networks built among users, more discussions started, and more exposure for your products or services.

How is SEO Done?

SEO involves extensive research into 1.) what specific keywords are searched by your target market, 2.) effort into creating holistic and quality website content, and most importantly 3.) optimizing your website, so search engines find it useful and suggest it to users.  If you’re tight on budget, or you prefer to DIY your marketing strategy, here’s the essential and straightforward three-step guide to help you understand SEO and apply it.

What specific keywords are searched by your target market

Knowing this and making it available in your content will ensure you more appearances in search engine results. However, it is not enough to have one keyword, and it’s better also to have secondary ones.

An effort in creating holistic and quality website content

Having your keywords in your website content is not enough, you should be able to give users fat and helpful content. If your users search how to cook spaghetti, you should include the different ways how spaghetti is used and which one is the most comfortable and cheapest way.

Optimizing your website, so search engines find it useful and suggest it to users

Optimizing your website can include making it mobile-friendly and up to speed, so search engines find it useful and show it to users. Making it fast and mobile-friendly means making it convenient for your users since most searchers happen through mobile now.

Hopefully, this simple SEO 101 guide helped you in your new business venture. Remember: optimize, research, and quality content.

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